14 interesting facts about Ghana


8. With a surface area of 8,482 square kilometers (13,275 square miles), LakeVolta is the world’s largest artificial lake.

9. Funerals is very important in Ghana. Many people can’t afford refrigeration, but they will pay to the morgue for keeping a body for several months, during the time they will arrange an appropriate funeral.

10. The most common food for any meal in Ghana is soup, with some of the most common being groundnut soup and palmut soup.

11. When shaking hands between Ghanaians, they will hold the right hand in the normal manner but will then twist and click each other’s middle finger.

12. They eat with their right hand.

 Ghanaian national dress

13. The Ghanaian national dress is the intricately patterned, brightly colored kente cloth, which is handwoven and worn by both men and women.

 Ghanaian stores

14. In Ghana, most taxis and stores have religious names, ‘God is God’, ‘God is the Saviour Exploration Laboratory’ 

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