14 interesting facts about Florida

cool as a cucumber

8. The phrase “cool as a cucumber” originates in Florida.

 St. Petersburg Clearwater

9. St. Petersburg Clearwater in Florida claims to have 361 days of sunshine every year.

 swim with manatees

10. You can swim with manatees in Crystal River in Florida, it is the world’s only paradise where you could legally come into contact with manatees.

 Benwood located on French Reef

11. The Benwood located on French Reef in the Florida Keys is known as one of the most dived shipwrecks in the world.

12. Florida becomes a United States territory in 1821.


13. The Pelican Island national wildlife refuge located on east central coast in Florida was the first federal wildlife refuge established in 1903.

 Juan Ponce de León

14. Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León was the discoverer of Florida, he arrived here on April 2, 1513 which was Easter, the Easter in Spanish is Pascua de Florida, so he called here Florida which means feast of the flowers.

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