14 interesting facts about Ethiopia

8. Ethiopia is Africa’s top producer and exporter of sesame seeds.


9. Traditional Ethiopian dance is very unique, which is inspired by the snakes.


10. The world’s smallest grain “Teff” originated in Ethiopian from 4000BC to 1000BC. It is a  nutrient-rich and gluten-free grain and usually is used to make “injera” an Ethiopian staple.

11. Ethiopia is the first country to be mentioned in the Bible.


12. The Ethiopian traditional costume is called Gabbi (for man) or Netella (for woman), usually it is made of woven cotton. Women often wear Netella with borders of coloured embroidered woven crosses.

13. Do not bring alcohol unless you know that your host drinks. Most Muslims and Amharic people do not.

14. Both Muslims and Christians will wear silver or golden jewelry, jewelry often designed with amber or glass beads incorporated. They also wear copper, heavy brass, anklets, and ivory bracelets.

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