14 interesting facts about Ethiopia

long distance runners

1. Ethiopia has more than 70% of all Africa’s mountains. Obviously the high altitude in Ethiopians creates a lot of great long distance runners.


2. Haile Gebre Selassie, the greatest distance runner who had won 4 world champion titles and 2 Olympic Golds in 10000 meters for Ethiopia, has a crooked left arm because when he was a child he had to run 10 kilometers to school whilst holding his books every day, which twisted his arm.


3. A 12 year old girl abducted in Ethiopia was saved from seven attackers by 3 lions!

nestle meme

4.Nestle dropped a $6 million claim to Ethiopia government because it received 40,000 letters of angry people. Ethiopia people make $2 a day on average.

5. Coffee originated from Ethiopia. Presently, the country is one of the the largest exporters and  manufacturers of coffee worldwide.

6. Ethiopia is one of the countries that have not been invaded and conquered. Italy had been defeated twice when it tried to.

7. Unlike in most African nations, school in Ethiopia is free. However, many kids work to help support their families. Less than half are still enrolled by grade 5.

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