14 interesting facts about Costa Rica

rich coast

1. In Spanish, Costa Rica means “rich coast”, because when Columbus first landed Costa Rica in 1502, the explorers saw the local Indians wearing a lot of gold ornaments and thought gold could be found all over this place, so the Spaniards called here Costa Rica. But the fact is that Costa Rica is very lack of mineral resources.

2. Costa Rica is slightly smaller than Lake Michigan.

costa rica medical tourism

3. Costa Rica has the world’s highest average life expectancy, which is up to 79.32 years.

Guanacaste tree

4. The guaria morada is Costa Rica’s national flower, the clay-colored thrush is Costa Rica’s national bird, Guanacaste is the national tree of Costa Rica.


5. Approximately 52 species of hummingbirds are living in Costa Rica, it makes Costa Rica become the world’s hummingbird capital.

6. Costarican usually lives in a large family, eight children in a family is very common in Costa Rica.


7. One quarter of Costa Rica’s land is protected in national parks or environmental protection areas.

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