15 interesting facts about Chile

1. Spanish is the official language of Chile.

2. Chile received its independence from Spanish colonial rule in 1913

3. Chile has a stable public order, it is also one of the most prosperous and stable countries in South America.

Chile’s copper mine

4. Chile’s copper production accounts for one-third of the total global production.

5. Chile is the country with the lowest divorce rates in the world.

Chilean Patagonia

6. Chilean Patagonia is one of the cleanest places in the world.

Moon Valley

7. Moon Valley is the most famous tourist attraction in Chile, also the place where has the most psychedelic colors, it is named for its special landform which is similar to the surface of the moon.

Michelle Bachelet Jeria

8. Michelle Bachelet Jeria was the first woman president in the history of Chile, she served as President from 2006 to 2010.

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