14 interesting facts about Algeria

1. Algeria is considered the country with the highest cost of living in North Africa.

2. Algeria is the largest oat market in Africa.

3. Marriages in Algeria are traditionally arranged either by parents of the couple or by a professional matchmaker.


4. There are about 2.4 million people that travel to or are visitors to Algeria each year.

5. The most popular sports played in Algeria are athletics, handball and football (soccer).

6. The country is nearly three times the size of the State of Texas.

7. Alcoholic drinks are seldom found in Algeria, largely because of the country’s Islamic orientation.

8. In 1830 the French decided to invade Algeria. The invasion was not of friendly opposition, actually it was tremendously brutal, so much so that approximately one third of the population of Algeria was slaughtered. After about 200 years, Algeria was about to gain independence from France, their independence day is July 5th, 1962.

Algeria women

9. 70% of lawyers and 60% of judges are women. 60% of university students are women. In many families, women are contributing more to the household income than men.

10. Algeria is the 11th largest country by land mass in the world. This country has almost 80 percent of its land mass covered by the Sahara desert.

11. Preserving honour/reputation is important. Algerians will try to preserve their reputations telling people what they think they want to hear even if it is not the truth. If someone is honourable, the family is honourable and if an individual is shamed the family is shamed.

12. Algeria is a very wealthy country but many of the people are poor. Algeria produces a lot of oil, which creates wealth for the nation.

13. The government provides free health care for children under sixteen and adults over sixty.

14. A woman must obtain a father’s approval to marry.

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