21 Fun Soccer Facts Only Few People Knows



Do you like to play soccer? You will like these funny soccer facts

1. Only American and Canadian people call the sport “soccer”, it’s called football elsewhere around the earth, many people know this but did you know the sport is called “basket-ball” at first, the weird name is given because the first goals were overturned wicker baskets.

soccer in prison

2. At the early stage of this sport, it was successfully developed by a group of prisoner in the famous Newgate Prison at London in the 1800′s. The group of prisoners were all thieves and they couldn’t play other games, because at that time people would cut off the hands of thieves. So the early version soccer was developed by some handless thieves.

3. Soccer is the most popular/watched/played sport all over the world. More than billion people will watch the World Cup on television. World Cup is the biggest soccer tournament with different national team attended.

soccer ball made from bags

4. Soccer is very popular in many 3rd World countries because it’s very cheap, kids will make soccer balls from diapers or rags themselves and use two bricks as the goals, they can’t afford the sporting facilities but they can enjoy the soccer pleasure without any cost.

5. Are soccer balls sphere? No, it’s a visual illusion created by the perfect checkered pattern, they are slightly oval-shaped in fact.

6. You can’t imagine how terrible the economy was, at first the World Cup trophy was made from paper, people had to replace it after it was destroyed by a heavy rain in 1950. Now the trophy is made of 4.97kg pure gold.

7. Maybe this fact is more terrible, before 1908, most soccer balls were made from human inflated stomach, taken from the Irish prisoners who had been executed. How poor people were in the past?

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  1. Pretty good facts except for the one that says it is slightly oval. Only if its not blown up properly! Good job anyway. Really sweet stuff

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