13 interesting facts about Greece

7. Greece has the largest naval army in the world.

The Parthenon in Athens

8. The Parthenon in Athens, Greece was built for the goddess Athena in 447 BC, it is the best preserved and the most important ancient Greek building.

Ancient Greece democracy

9. Ancient Greece is the home of Western civilization, Western philosophy, scientific, literature, democracy and mathematical principles began in here.

10. According to the World Health Organization 2002 stats, the Greeks have the highest incidence of obesity in Europe.

11. Most Greeks don’t celebrate their birthdays, but celebrate the name days, their name is taken from the saints.

12. Greece has the lowest crime rate in Europe, but it has one of the highest jobless rate.

Greece workers

13. Greece workers work 2,017 hours per year, which is the longest working hour in Europe while Germany workers only work 1,408 hours per year. But Greece workers have very low efficiency.

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