12 interesting facts about Uganda

Interesting facts about Uganda

1. There is an unofficial law in Uganda regarding cutting of trees. The law is, if you cut one tree, then you will need to plant three trees.

2. Uganda is one of the top countries in the world when it comes to alcohol consumption.

Uganda primate-density

3. Uganda has the largest primate-density in the world. It also has the largest number of water bodies than any other country on the African continent.

banana wine

4. Uganda has many banana plantations and you can make many products from bananas including banana wine.

5. Today the main mode of transport in Uganda is the humble bicycle.

6. The official motto of Uganda is ‘For God and My Country’.


7. Uganda is entirely landlocked, with no coastline.

8. The population of Uganda is comparable to that of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut combined with just over 34 million people.

9. Soccer (football) is the most popular sport in Uganda. However, cricket is becoming more and more popular with the national team finishing runner-up in Division 3 of the World Cricket League in 2009.

10. When you travel to Uganda, don’t expect to tip your waitress or cab driver. Tipping is not normally expected of any consumers in the country.

11. 10.2% of bird species of the world is found in Uganda. It is a good destination for bird-watchers!


12. Uganda produces the world’s tastiest pineapples, bananas and mangoes.

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