12 interesting facts about Pakistan


7. Sialkot is a city in Pakistan, this city can produce 60 million hand-stitched footballs a year. About 70% of the world’s hand-stitched footballs are made in Pakistan

Shah Faisal Mosque Islamabad Pakistan-1

8. The Shah Faisal Mosque built in Islamabad in 1976 can keep 100,000 worshipers, that’s almost the entire population of the city at that time.


9. The first acknowledged computer virus was C-Brain born in 1986, it was created by two brothers in Pakistan.

pakistani  nuclear weapons

10. Pakistan is the only Islam country which has declared and actually possessed nuclear weapons.


11. The Gwadar port in Pakistan is said to be the World’s largest deep sea port.

Pakistani families

12. Pakistani families are quite large, there are often six children in a Pakistani family.

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