12 interesting facts about Morocco


1. In Moroccan culture, traditionally the liver is considered to be the symbol of love, not heart.

2. It is impolite to say no to ‘meat’ in Morocco.

3. Green tea with mint and sweetened with sugar is a popular beverage in Morocco.

4. The ‘Green March, undertake to claim the Spanish colony of Western Sahara, is celebrated as a national holiday in Morocco.


5. Storytelling is an art prevalent in the Moroccan culture. Many of the ideals of the society are retold through stories that have been passed down from generation to generation.

the University of Fes

6. An interesting historical facts is that Pope Sylvester II learned mathematics at the University of Fes in Morocco, which is a part of the al-Karouine mosque and is believed to be the oldest Universities in the world found in 859.


7. In Morocco, everyone eats couscous on Fridays – even at the orphanage (it is very messy!).

8. There is a town in Morocco best known as the BlueCity called Chefchaouen. Most, if not all, houses and buildings in this town are painted a shade of blue.

9. Women in Morocco look after the well-being of their homes, which means, you never find them assisting in restaurants and cafes.

10. The visual arts have a long and thriving history in Morocco.

Morocco king

11. Morocco has a king and you will find a picture of him in every household and place of business!

12. Camel meat is commonly eaten in Morocco.

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