12 coolest father’s day gifts

Still don’t know what to buy for father’s day? Try these 12 coolest/weirdest gifts, your dad may like them.
beer belt

1. Beer Belt

If your dad like Rambo, buy him a bullet belt; if he doesn’t want to carry a machine gun on the street, buy him a beer belt. Cool and convenient, allow your dad to hold six-pack cans or bottles without hand. Check it out You also can get the 12-Pack Beer Belt. Check it out

Stripper clock

2. Stripper Clock

Let the Pole Dancer Stripper wake your dad up. Is there any better idea than this one? When it’s time to wake up, the blonde stripper spins around and around, the disco lights and strip tease style music will wake up your dad even he is in deep sleep. You mother doesn’t like it. Check it out


3. Beer Belly

Help your dad drink anywhere (church, theaters and football games) and he doesn’t need to pay the over-inflated money to the vendors inside. It can hold 80 ounces cold or hot beverage. Check it out 

nose hair

4. Nose Hair Trimmer

On that special day, remind that he has too much nose hair, use this Panasonic Nose Hair Trimmer making him prettier. Easy to use. Check it out   

Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

5. Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Slicer

Cut the pizza like a real man, the stainless steel pizza cutter use the classic design of the USS Enterprise, sharp and easy clean, a great gift for star trek fans daddy. Check it out

head massager

6. Head Massager

Baby, can you scracth my head? No daddy, you can do it yourself with the Head Massager. Simple but useful design, more than 400 five star reviews, cheap but can help your Dad relax stressed muscles. Check it out

Credit Card Size Survival Tool

7. Credit Card Size Survival Tool

Includes knife edge,  ruler, can opener, screwdriver and so on. 11 functions in 1. Stainless steel, 2.75 by 1.75 by 0.1 inches. Your dad need it. Check it out

Toilet Seat Warmer

8. Toilet Seat Heater

If your dad like to play iPad on the cold toilet seat, try this Toilet Seat Heater, sweet gift. Check it out 

Samurai Umbrella

9. Samurai Umbrella

Bring out the inner hero from your dad, rainy days are no longer bored. Check it out

Bacon Air Fresheners

10. Bacon Air Fresheners

Tell your dad you hope his car smell like fried pork, than he will love this gift. Check it out


11. The Beast Giant Fist Kooler

Trust me, no one want to mess your dad up when they see how he drink the beer. The huge fist also can keep your drink cold. Check it out 

Grill Sergeant BBQ Apron

12. Grill Sergeant BBQ Apron

Real man should hold everything, with the Grill Sergeant BBQ Apron your dad can hold every condiments and utensils in the pocket in the BBQ. It also can be used like a mini cart in the Supermarket. Check it out 

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