11 interesting facts about girls

skinny girls think they are fat

1. Girls always think that they could look much prettier (or skinnier), so you have to keep telling them that they look so nice and cute (and skinny).

she doesn't like your ex-girlfriends

2. Girls won’t like men who aren’t over their ex-girlfriends. Ex-girlfriends is one of the worst topics in the dating, other topics include politics, dieting and marriage.

girl in love

3. When a girl falls in love with a man, he will come to her mind any time in the day even though she is flirting with others.

girls say girls mean

4. The first thing you must realize is that girls are not what they pretend to be, sometimes what they say is not what they actually mean.


5. Girls always like to talk about what they really feel. They use a lot of expressions, such as poetry, writing, music or drawing sand, don’t be impatient. Study shows women speak three times more than men on average.

women like ROMANCE story

6. Reading romance stories could help you to learn how to flirt with girls. Girls are very perceptual, not rational.

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