11 Funny and Interesting Classified Ads

Have you ever thought that newspapers are now outdated, they will be completely replaced by the internet?  As a person who loves reading, I think reading a newspapers is a thing that can be enjoyed, even though they are completely obsolete with the 24-hour news cycle. One thing that you’re going to miss the most while you reading newspapers are the joys of the classifieds in small-town newspapers, have you ever paid attention to them? The unintentional comedies of the paid classified ads in these newspapers will never be replaced by classified Ads Web Site. Now please read these 11 most ridiculous classified ads that I have ever seen.

Submitted by India classifieds site http://www.chillyads.com

1. Yes, “must have own tools and no experience”, you really can not provide tools? Are you sure you are opening a clinic?

2. Is he aware of that the phrasing of this classified ad will not help him? His potty chair will still stay where it is.

3.Well, what should I say? As a girl says that I don’t care he is rich or poor, it is not important, I only want his pure love, I just want to have a trip round the world and have a chance to make a trip into space with him.

4. Is there any relation between them? Do you really like to see your gardener wiggles hips while weeding?

5. Do you want to say sorry? Good boy, it’s never late to say sorry.

6. That’s a good choice, dear, if you have just lost your job and you are badly in need of help.

7.  Wow, what a wonderful ad!  The first sentence seems interesting enough, but the whole ad is climaxed by the last sentence. Have you got everything packed and ready to go with this guy? Oh, my God, what a wonderful trip it will be.

8.  Homer HendelBergenHeinzel, did you see the ad? Are you going to buy it? You see there is only one and need to panic-buying.

9.  I think maybe Peter is a good player too.

10. They are so rough and rude. It is an insult, just like that let people to buy two airplane tickets.

11. Stud George Brownridge, could you give me some comments after you read these two newspapers? In the past twenty-four hours, how did you feel?


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