10 interesting facts about Saturn



  1. Saturn is  considered to be the most beautiful planet in the solar system, a magnificent ring system surrounds it, this famous ring system is named Saturn’s rings which made of billions of pieces of ice, rocks and dust.


  1. Saturn is a giant gas planet, it is the least dense planet in the solar system, the density of Saturn is 0.7 g/cc on average, so it is also the only planet that less than liquid water’s density in the solar system.


  1. It takes 365 days for the Earth to make a circuit of the sun, a year on Earth is 365 days, Saturn orbits the Sun once every 10,759.22 days, so one year on Saturn is 10,759.22 days.


  1. Earth takes longer to revolve on its axis than the Saturn, one day on Earth is 24 hours, but a day on Saturn is 10 hours 39 minutes.


  1. Galileo Galilei was the first person who discovered the rings of Saturn through a telescope in 1610, unfortunately, he didn’t find out what the rings were until he died.


  1. Pioneer 11 arrived at Saturn in 1979, it was the first spacecraft to visit Saturn. Four spacecraft have visited Saturn so far.


  1. Saturn gives off  more than twice  the energy it receives from the Sun.


  1. Saturn also has seasons like Earth, but each season lasts more than seven years.


  1. Saturn is famous for its beautiful rings, but Saturn is not the only planet with rings in the solar system, in fact, three other giant planets also have a ring system, they are Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune.


  1. The wind speed on Saturn can reach up to 1,100 miles(1800 kilometres) per hour, you know, the most extreme tornadoes on Earth can reach a speed of 300 miles per hour.




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