10 Interesting facts about Mercury

  1. Mercury is the smallest planet in the Solar System, the diameter of mercury is 4,879 km.
  2. Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun. The distance between Mercury and the Sun is 57,910,000km.
  3. Mercury’s atmosphere is extremely thin, can often be ignored, so there is a saying that Mercury has almost no atmosphere.
  4. Mercury is the fastest planet to revolve around the sun in the Solar System, it makes one revolution around the sun in about 87.97 Earth Days, rotates on its axis once every 176 Earth Days.
  5. The surface of Mercury has a variety of craters,  looks like our Moon.
  6. Mercury has a huge iron core,  its  volume accounts for 50%of the volume of Mercury, its radius accounts for75% of the radius of Mercury.
  7. Mercury has “tails”, it is composed of particles coming from the surface of Mercury, the scientists are not yet clear what makes the shape of the tails, but they think it maybe a result of Mercury ‘s magnetosphere and the sun’s wind.
  8. Galileo wasthe first man to observe Mercury with a telescope during the 17th century.
  9. There is an extreme temperature difference between day and night on Mercury’s surface, the temperature can reach up to 430°C (800°F) during the daytime, but night it will fall below -170°C (-280°F).
  10. Mariner 10 was  the first spacecraft to visit Mercury during 1974 and 1975. The MESSENGER probe  was the second  spacecraft  to visit Mercury, launched in August 2004, orbited the planet Mercury between 2011 and 2015.       

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