10 Interesting facts about Sudan


1. Sudan is lack of water supplies, which brights lot of problems such as soil erosion, periodic droughts and desertification. The wildlife is threatened because human’s excessive hunting.

2. The modern Sudan legal system is based on the English common law and Islamic law.

sudan meals

3. The popular cuisine in Sudan includes cheeses, breads, stews and fish dishes.

4. Two meals a day is the norm in Sudan. The family will share the most important meal – Dinner (evening).

5. Sudan is the 16th largest country in the world, which measures about 25% the size of the United States

sudan pyramid

6. Sudan also has a lot of pyramids and old Egyptian ruins, because once it was a part of Egypt.

Sudanese weddings

7. Sudanese weddings are important and great festivity which lasts for several days.  The climax of the ceremony is the bridal dancing, which can last until the early hours of the morning.

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8. The Sudanese like to eat meat : beef. camel, goat, chicken , and especially sheep.

9. Many of Sudan’s people consider themselves as ‘Arabs’ rather than ‘Africans’. Arabic is the official national language.

10. Sudan’s jobless rate is 34%, the Annual per-capita income of this nation is $340 in 2001, more than 40% people live in poverty.

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