10 interesting facts about Mali

1. Mali is the biggest country in West Africa. It is roughly twice the size of Texas, the second largest American state.

2. Almost 65% of the land of Mali is a desert which limits the economic activities to the area which is irrigated by the Niger River.

3. 90% of the population is Muslims. Mali is a secular state as established by the constitution of the country.


4. The best time to visit Mali is from November to January because the temperature around these times is generally about 30 deg C.

Salif Keita

5. Mali is world-famous for its musical genius, Salif Keita, the late Ali Farka Toure, Oumou Sangare, Amadou and Mariam are all from Mali.

6. In history, Mali once was a part of the Ghana Empire (c.800-1230) which was the richest country at that time. “Ghana” means “warrior king” in Soninke language.

Mali sweet tea

7. Mali people are hospitable, they will serve you their national drink -sweet tea, but when they serve you the fourth cup it means you should go.

8. Only 44% Mali children have attended primary school, only 74% adult can read.

Rock paintings

9. Rock paintings in Gao and Timbuktu shows that the region was inhabited since 50,000 BC.

10. Mali got independent from French in 1960, but finally it adopted French constitution in 1992. 

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