15 Facts about Climate Change


  1. Average temperatures have climbed 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit around the world since 1880.
  2. Biggest consequences of global warming are wildfires, melting of the polar area, drought, bigger tropical storms and big heat waves.
  3. By the end of this century, sea levels
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Twelve Interesting Facts about Italy


1. In 1987, an Italian porn star was once elected to the Italian Parliament, her name was Cicciolina, she held the position for 5 years and then continued to play in adult films while in office.

2. Pasta is the national dish of Italy, but pizza is … Read more


20 Strange Facts about Indian Constitution

preamble_constitution_of_india_by_omkr01-d4l9pj1_副本 When talking about national holidays in India, Republic Day and Independence Day are celebrated to denote the glory of the mother nation. Even though, they are something related to national celebrations, both these days have a lot of difference with … Read more


11 Funny and Interesting Classified Ads

Have you ever thought that newspapers are now outdated, they will be completely replaced by the internet?  As a person who loves reading, I think reading a newspapers is a thing that can be enjoyed, even though they are completely obsolete with the 24-hour news cycle. One thing that you’re … Read more


Fifteen Interesting Facts about Penguins


1. The world’s rarest penguin species is the yellow-eyed penguin, only approximately 4,000 yellow-eyed penguins still live in the wild, they are an endangered species that can only be found in New Zealand.

2. There are 17 species of penguins in the … Read more


29 interesting facts about Shark


1. In 1935, Australia, fishman captured a 3.5-metre tiger shark, it vomited up another smaller shark which vomited up a human arm, the arm was used to solve a murder.


2. Megalodon, a giant shark which can reach the length of 14-18 meters (46 – 59 ft.) A Great … Read more


24 Interesting Facts about Elephants


1. Due to ivory trade and the slaughter of elephants, the average tusk size of African/Asia elephants have decreased 50% since the 19th century. Poachers are more like to slaughter dominant male elephants(with bigger tusks), which allows smaller elephants with shorter tusks produce more babies. So the evolution occurred … Read more


Japanese scientist creates poop burger


Recently, Japanese scientist Mitsuyuki Ikeda has developed an alternative to meat burger for real warriors – poop burger which is made of human feces.

Scientists extract protein from sewage mud first (contains poop), then add some reaction enhancer, steak sauce and soy protein, at last put it in a machine … Read more


Hyper-Realistic Drawings


Look at these things, an Iron man, a bag of M&M’s, a silver pitcher, an old issue of Spiderman, a bottle of Oddka vodka, FIFA World Cup Trophy and so on. We are familiar with them in our daily life, but they are not … Read more


This man builds the first street-legal Batmobile


Because of his enthusiasm for Batman film, 29-year-old man Zac Mihajlovic living in Sydney spent 2 years to build the first street-legal Batmobile in the world with his grandpa’s help.

This 6.2-meter long Batmobile completely reference the original Batmobile used in the 1989 movie BatmanRead more


23 Interesting Facts about Marijuana

Bhutan marijuana

1. In Bhutan, there are more marijuana growing in the wild than the regular grass, because the climate of this country is perfect for all types of illicit drugs. Nobody smoke marijuana here before television started popping, people use marijuana to feed pigs.… Read more


20 Interesting Facts about William Shakespeare


1. Shakespeare might took drugs while writing, scientists have found traces of cocaine and myristic acid in this genius’ Stratford-upon-Avon home, some people even trust that Shakespeare alludes to drugs in his works. Check it out

mom joke

2. Shakespeare used “your mom” jokes (maternal insult) in the 1500s and 1600s in Timons Read more